Máy nén Danfoss MT64

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Máy nén Danfoss MT64 


46 A

Model number


Mounting torque [Nm]

15 Nm

Nominal cooling capacity 60 kBTU/h

64.85 kBtu/h

Nominal cooling capacity at 50Hz

14.3 kW

Nominal cooling capacity at 60Hz

19 kW

Number of starts per hour [Max]


Oil charge [L]

1.8 L

Oil equalization

3/8'' flare SAE

Oil equalization torque [Nm]

30 Nm

Oil reference


Packaging height [mm]

455 mm

Packaging length [mm]

395 mm

Packaging weight [Kg]

40 kg

Packaging width [mm]

365 mm



Power connections

Screw connectors 10-32 UNF x 9.5



Refrigerant charge [kg] [Max]

5 kg

Relief valve

30 bar/8 bar

Rotational speed at 50Hz [rpm]

0 rpm

Rotational speed at 60Hz [rpm]

3500 rpm

Suction connection height [mm]

265 mm

Suction connection mounting torque [Nm]

110 Nm

Suction connection pipe size [in]

7/8 in

Suction connection rotolock size [in]

1 3/4 in

Suction connection size [in]

1 3/4 in

Suction connection sleeve pipe size [in]

7/8 in

Swept volume [cm3]

107.71 cm³

Test dif [bar] [Max]

30 bar

Test HP [bar] [Max]

30 bar

Test LP [bar] [Max]

25 bar

Torque earth [Nm]

3 Nm

Torque power [Nm]

3 Nm

Total height [mm]

413 mm



Viscosity [cP]

32 cP

Voltage of capacitor A [V]

440 V

Voltage of capacitor B [V]

330 V

Voltage of capacitor C [V]

440 V